Another part of the strategy of a player is the development of a skill to avoid tilts. Be sure that your opponents are not going to use your emotions against you. Even when you play at a casino online, players can often detect when you are nervous based on a single odd play you make. The results of an emotional play are only very bad decisions and money loss. If you are on a tilt, the loss of self-control is absolutely normal, and the only cure for this is to stop playing. Do not worry, the game will be played tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, it will not disappear, so nothing will happen if you stop playing for some time – sometimes you may need just a few hours rest, sometimes you may need more. But anyway, you are not going to lose your chances and you can try your luck again.

First, you need to learn and to know what does tilt mean. It is amazing that many people think tilt is when a player plays very aggressive, very wild and when he plays a lot of hands. This is absolutely wrong. Following this logic, all players who prefer the style of a maniac, are on tilt. When you play aggressive, that means you have just preferred this style, nothing more. Of course, you may be also on tilt, but aggressive play does not mean that you are definitely on tilt. Tilt is when a player, for some health or emotional problems, acts irrational, unusual and even strange. No matter what the reason is, you should know that when you don’t feel good, you shouldn’t sit at the table and play.

So, what to do in order to avoid tilts? The only thing you need to do is to be honest with yourself. If for some reason you feel upset, angry or you know that something will distract you, just don’t play or stop playing (if you already are playing). No one else in the world knows better than you how you feel, what are your weaknesses and your strengths. And no one else can stop you. You have to do it yourself. Self-control is a very important thing not only in poker, but in your life too!

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