The majority of bluffs in Texas Hold’em are the fast bluffs. These are small bets (known also as “small ball” style of playing) which are placed in order to win a small or medium sized pot with a high expected probability of success. The risk is minimal but the profit is also not big.

For example: You are the dealer, playing the flop and three players before you check. The flop is a King of spades, a King of hearts and a 7 of diamonds. No one raised during the pre –flop and it seems that no one is interested in this pot.

In fact, there are only two options in this situation:
1. Someone has a King, and this player uses a slow play.
2. No one has a King and all players are ready to fold.

This scenario is straightforward. Most likely, no one has a King, and your opponents are ready to fold. Also, the pot size is too small to risk with a brave call. This bet is to be placed in order to end the round, regardless of your hand.

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