Let’s say that you make a raise during the pre –flop, your hand is an Ace of hearts and a King of hearts, and you are called by two of your opponents. The flop is a Jack of hearts, 9 of spades and 5 of hearts; you have only a flush draw and over card. The first player plays check, the second one places a bet equal to ¾ of the pot.

In situation like this a semi bluff will be if your raise, because technically, you have nothing and any pair of your opponent, no matter how low it is, can beat you. Nevertheless, if you have a flush draw and the best over cards that means you have many opportunities to win the pot at the showdown. Your hand has a certain value which makes your raise just a semi bluff. Ideally, your opponent will fold and you’ll win the entire pot. But in case he calls, you still have a chance to get nuts on the turn.

Semi bluffs are an important part of poker game but never forget that if you use semi bluff every time you have a great draw, you’ll be too easy to read, so don’t be so obvious. Besides, it s never a good idea to be easy, isn’t it?

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